A. Ribeiro

  • Quand hurlent les loups


    Tout à la fois roman de moeurs, satire socio-politique et récit d'aventures, ce livre picaresque raconte l'histoire d'une révolte paysanne contre la politique de reboisement des terres communales instaurée par la dictature de Salazar au pouvoir dans les années 30. Autour de Manuel Louvadeus, ancien chercheur de diamants au Brésil, magnifique personnage d'insoumis, les rebelles vont s'unir, "hurlant comme des loups affamés", pour garder les maigres terres que l'Etat veut leur confisquer. La répression sera sans pitié.

  • This collection of the selected papers presented to the Second International Conference on Photonics, Optics and laser technology PHOTOPTICS 2014 covers the three main conference scientific areas of "Optics", "Photonics" and "Lasers". The selected papers, in two classes full and short, result from a double blind review carried out by conference Program Committee members who are highly qualified experts in the conference topic areas.

  • The 1755 earthquake and tsunami were influential not only in Portugal but in all European and North African countries where the devastating effects were felt. The entire world was deeply impressed and the discussion of its causes generated a large amount of scientific and metaphysical speculation. It inspired philosophers, poets and writers. The socio-economic consequences of the event were great and affected the future organization and development of Portugal. The possibility of a similar occurence urges society and the scientific community to reflect on its lessons.
    AudienceThis work is of interest to experts in seismology, earthquake engineering, civil protection, urban planning and it is a reference book for doctoral students.