Eric Pujade-Lauraine

  • This book provides an overview of the latest
    developments in the concepts and management of ovarian cancer. The new data
    presented throughout opens the way to radically different therapeutic
    approaches. Surgery remains the core of ovarian cancer treatment, but its
    ultimate goal and the standard surgical procedure have evolved, giving rise to
    the question of how to label expert centers for debulking surgery. Neo-adjuvant
    chemotherapy is becoming more popular and is also a new field for testing novel
    drug combinations.Over recent years, ovarian cancer management
    has embraced molecular biology. It is now more correct to talk about cancers of
    the ovary rather than ovarian cancer, since it is not a unique disease but
    several entities with different molecular drivers. The significant advances in
    drugs targeting the microenvironment or the tumor cell DNA repair mechanisms
    are presented in detail together with exciting future perspectives.All these advances would not have been possible
    without collaborative groups such as the GINECO group in France and their
    integration in wider clinical research networks at the European (ENGOT) and
    international (GCIG) level.