Sally Lee

  • How to build a shed est un guide qui vous conduit pas-à-pas dans la réalisation de votre propre cabane de jardin. Le matériel, les aspects techniques et les différentes étapes sont clairement expliquées et détaillées par de fines illustrations. À la portée de tous, même ceux qui n'ont jamais tenu un marteau !

  • Provides busy social work and health care practitioners with an accessible guide to adult safeguarding in the context of mental capacity and financial abuse. Drawing on evidence and contemporary examples from practice this book will help readers understand the new landscape of safeguarding adults since the implementation of the Care Act 2014 and the introduction of Adult Safeguarding Boards. There are chapters on the current political landscape of adult social work, specific issues and contexts that make people vulnerable (social isolation, mental capacity, dementia), and important methods of assessment and intervention. A range of pedagogical features are also used to aid learning and understanding including the use of case studies, reflection points, brief exercises and further reading.