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  • In celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the house of Dior comes the first volume in a series devoted to each designer of the couture house. Dior by Christian Dior is the ultimate compendium of the most iconic haute couture designs conceived by Christian Dior. Carefully conserved in the world's great museums and institutions, these fashion treasures have been photographed and exclusively compiled for this indispensable collection.

  • Anglais Aspen style

    Aerin Lauder

    What began as a small mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom of the late nineteenth century has since become the preferred getaway of the world's elite. Treasured for what's above ground rather than below, Aspen, Colorado has a storied history almost as dense as the directory of A-listers who have adopted the jewel of Pitkin County as their second home, or who have settled in its slopes indefinitely. From the «fortified compound» that was Hunter S. Thompson's Owl Farm, to John Denver's «Starwood in Aspen,» to the scores of financial titans who also call the mountain home, Aspen has long drawn an eclectic and wide-ranging crowd. With an introduction from longtime resident Aerin Lauder, founder & creative director of AERIN, Aspen Style celebrates and pays homage to the stark glamour, the working-class history, and the romance of the virtually untouched landscape that gives the town the unique charisma that continues to draw new devotees with each season. Exploring the rustic-chic atmosphere of the Hotel Jerome, the architectural excellence of Herbert Bayer's restored Wheeler Opera House, and local culture found at Schlomo's Deli & Grill, to name a few, this deluxe volume is brought to life with stunning current and historical imagery capturing the prodigious evolution of this mountain town over the last century.

  • Pablo Picasso redefined artwork throughout his extraordinary career, becoming indisputably one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. In this evocative volume, the artist s granddaughter, Diana Widmaier Picasso, curates the 100 quintessential, unique works that define the evolution of this illustrious artist, creating a stunning compendium of pieces that simply could never all be acquired by a single collector. Casual art lovers know his Cubist work and the Guernica, but Picasso: The Impossible Collection manages to go deeper, revealing and revisiting some less ubiquitous yet equally powerful paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs from Picasso s astonishing oeuvre.

  • Anglais Donald ; the book

    Donald Robertson

    It is no coincidence that Donald Robertson, known as @drawbertson to his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, has become the fashion world's favorite art bomber of the Instagram era.

    Humorous and sharp, Robertson's work is collected by stars such as Beyoncé and featured in collaborations with it-brands like Smashbox and retailers including Bergdorf Goodman. Earning himself the moniker «the Andy Warhol of Instagram,» Robertson is celebrated as an inspiration by members of the fashion and art worlds, in addition to almost anyone who sees his work. This father of five who has «written off the whole sleeping thing» is as prolific as he is talented, and this monograph will feature the very best of his artwork as well as original work created especially for this title. Featuring playful anecdotes and quotes from industry leaders, fashion designers, and his many collaborators and muses, Donald is already a collector's item.

  • Anglais Art house


    Art House chronicles an extraordinary life dedicated to living with art, and a friendship devoted to designing homes to honor it. One of the world's leading art collectors, Chara Schreyer has built a staggering collection of six hundred works, and her forty-year collaboration with interior designer Gary Hutton has produced five spectacular residences to house them. Art House is a breathtaking visual tour of these houses, which range from an architectural tour-de-force to a high-rise «gallery as home.» Informed by scholarship and a passion for the conceptual, Schreyer's collection spans all media and includes masterpieces by artists including Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, Man Ray, Louise Bourgeois, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and Eva Hesse, as well as work by contemporary artists including Gedi Sibony, Rachel Harrison, Glenn Ligon, Christian Marclay, and many others. Art House features a rare and intimate look at hundreds of these works at home in spaces designed to be both intellectually and materially empathetic with them.

    With original photography by nationally renowned photographer Matthew Millman, text by Alisa Carroll, editor in chief of San Francisco's leading design magazine, SFC&G, and foreword by Neal Benezra, director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), Art House is an inspiration for art and design lovers alike.

  • The fascination of jewels is rooted not only in their ability to please the eye but also in their power to express the range of human emotions and ambitions-love, friendship, religious devotion, superstition, dynastic pride. Renaissance jewels are among the most alluring manifestations of an age that experienced the widening of old-established horizons, from the Old World to the New. Dr. Yvonne Hackenbroch's seminal and comprehensive work, Renaissance Jewellery, originally published in 1979, established her reputation as the world's foremost expert in the fi eld. Hackenbroch brings to the subject not only her specialized knowledge and historical discipline but also a storyteller's passion for the jewels' beauty and power. With the kind permission of Dr. Hackenbroch's estate, Assouline has abridged Dr. Hackenbroch's original text to produce this spectacular volume, brimming with luxurious imagery expressing the overfl owing creativity and boundless spirit of the Age of the Renaissance.

  • Anglais Plaza Athénée

    François Simon

    Celebrating its first 100 years, Hôtel Plaza Athénée in the elegant heart of Paris is looking ahead to its next century. Following a yearlong renovation, guests are rediscovering the warm, refined surroundings for which the hotel is legendary. Located within one of Paris's most prestigious districts, the Plaza Athénée remains at the center of fashionable and artistic Parisian life. This stately volume opens the doors of this magnificent place, through previously unpublished documents and interviews with those whose lives have intersected there, recounting the life of a mythical hotel.

  • Anglais Place Vendôme

    Alexis Gregory

    Whenever the rich and famous are in Paris, they head for the city's most beautiful square, the Place Vendôme. This evocatively written volume traces the square's history from its beginnings in the time of Louis XIV to its life in the twentieth century as Paris's center of fashion, jewelry, high finance, and art. From designers Chanel and Schiaparelli to European high society, Russian grand dukes, Indian maharajas, and celebrities from Lillie Langtry to Ernest Hemingway, a cast of extraordinary personalities have lent the Place Vendôme an ineffable aura.

  • Tuscany marvel Nouv.

    Anglais Tuscany marvel

    Cesare Cunaccia

    The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all senses. A creative incubator that has cultivated art and architecture for eras including Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and modern times. Timeworn churches, once stops on nineteenth-century Grand Tours, stand tall in the towns' piazzas. Rolling hills of wheat and colorful olive groves, that inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine, are dotted with villas built by the prestigious Medici family. The Tyrrhenian Sea extends off its coast, lapping the shore of Elba, the island where the emperor Napoleon was exiled. Quaint villages, historic towns and bustling cities are scattered across its landscape, which is almost as varied as the communities themselves. From annual horse races at Piazza del Campo, and the centuries-old winemaking traditions of the Chianti region to the city of Pisa, an ancient Maritime Republic known for the youthful spirit of its Scuola Normale Superiore and Leaning Tower alike, Tuscany is the place of dreams, where thousands come to relive its history and take in the beauty of a region.

  • The Anne Fontaine Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created in 2011 by fashion designer Anne Fontaine. Through the combination of environment, fashion, and art, the foundation aims to contribute to the reforestation of our planet and raise environmental awareness. Along with its initiatives, the Foundation associates local people with the reforestations projects and provides them with environmental education. Through its programs and solid partnerships with committed local associations, the foundation will ensure that one million trees will be planted and protected over the next five years.

  • Le goût ! Le goût ! Une préoccupation quasi permanente pour cet artiste chocolatier obsédé par la recherche de la qualité et par la créativité. Fruits de ses voyages, de ses rencontres, de ses expériences, les créations de Jean-Paul Hévin sont à découvrir et à déguster dans ses boutiques à Paris, au Japon et à HongKong.

  • Retrace l'histoire de l'hôtel parisien situé avenue Montaigne, à partir de documents inédits et de témoignages de concierges, directeurs, employés ou clients. Construit au début du XXe siècle, il ouvre ses portes le lendemain de l'inauguration du théâtre des Champs-Elysées, le 1er avril 1913.

  • The Wine Questionnaire follows in the spirit of our popular Proust Questionnaire and Fashion Questionnaire, using the format of Proust's handy interview helper-here reworked by Jay McInerney-to ask everything about wine, from your favorite region to your choice food pairings. Featuring the handwritten answers of discerning oenophiles such as Robert Parker, Daniel Boulud, and Sofia Coppola, in addition to blank questionnaires in the back to share with friends, this title will reveal more than you might imagine.

    Featured Questionnaire Responses by:

    Sofia Coppola.
    Academy Award-winning screenwriter, film director, and producer.

    Robert M. Parker, Jr.
    Renowned wine expert, founder of The Wine Advocate, and contributing editor for Food and Wine Magazine and Business Week.

    André Balazs.
    Michel Dovaz.
    Former professor at the Academie du Vin in Paris; author of several acclaimed volumes on French wine.

    Jay McInerney.
    Wine columnist for The Wall Street Journal; novelist, screenwriter, and essayist.

    Martine de la Brosse.
    Co-owner of the L'Ami Louis and Château Louis restaurants, in Paris.

    Mario Batali.
    Chef of Italian cuisine, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author.

    Graydon Carter.
    Editor in chief of Vanity Fair.

    Belinda Chang.
    Wine director at New York City's Monkey Bar.

    Philippe Pascal.
    Consultant to Bernard Arnault; owner of the Clos du Cellier aux Moines winery, in Burgundy; former director of the Watches and Jewelry division of LVMH.

    Danny Meyer.
    New York City restaurateur, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, and award-winning cookbook author.

    Daniel Boulud.
    Chef and restaurateur.

    Daniel Johnnes.
    Wine director for Daniel Boulud's Dinex Group, author, importer, and organizer of the Burgundy celebration, La Paulée de New York.

    Benjamin Roffet.
    Head sommelier of The Trianon Palace, at Versailles; winner of The Union of French Sommeliers' 2011 award for France's Best Sommelier.

    Carolyn Wente.
    Vice Chairman of Wente Vineyards, California's oldest continuously owned and operated winery.

    Leonid Rath.
    Co-owner of Lobmeyr, the legendary Viennese crystal manufacturer.

    Hugo Desnoyer.
    Founder and owner of the famed Parisian butcher shop, Boucherie Hugo Desnoyer.

    Joël Robuchon.
    Chef at the Atelier Étoile de Joël Robuchon and the Atelier Saint-Germain de Jöel Robuchon restaurants, in Paris.

    Bernard Burtschy.
    Wine critic for Le Figaro, La Revue du Vin de France, and L'Amateur de cigare.

    Jean-Charles Boisset.
    President of Boisset Family Estates.

    Lamberto Frescobaldi.
    Vice president of Marchesi de' Frescobaldi.

    Massimo Bottura.
    Chef at Osteria Francescana, in Modena, Italy.

  • En collaboration exclusive avec Lionsgate, la maison de production d'Hunger Games, Assouline présente Tim Palen: Photographs from The Hunger Games. Compilé en un seul volume de luxe, les portraits de Palen capturent derrière son objectif chaque personnage avec une intimité frappante et transforment l'aventure à succès en un livre d'art. À travers l'oeil de Palen, les personnages deviennent des icônes, immortalisés en tant que personnages adorés partout dans le monde.

  • Anglais Roma

    Alfonso Cuarón

    Acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón's most recent project, Roma, is a semi-autobiographical film focusing on a domestic worker for a middle-class family in Mexico City in the 1970s. A visual meditation, a soundscape of the oldest city in the Americas, Roma captures an intimate, unique time and space, where women provided the glue that kept the world together, yet were always invisible and inaudible. A mirror of the city it portrays, Roma is an emotional earthquake, a world about to shatter, held together by the equilibrium, tenderness, and strength of one woman, the beating heart of the story.

  • Formula 1 : the impossible collection Nouv.

    A six-point safety harness wraps over your shoulders and between your legs, a head and neck brace clamps down your chest. The world ahead is visible only above a rim at eye level; the world behind is seen only through two mirrors little bigger than cigarette boxes. The start lights begin to illuminate red, and when they extinguish, your life will enter another dimension: this is not a fighter jet or a spacecraft, you are on the starting grid of a Formula One track, strapped into the world's most technologically advanced racing car. The turbocharged engine, with more than 1,000 horsepower, is about to kick you in the backside, hurtling to 100 kph in 2.5 seconds, careening toward the first corner of the track. For the average reader, even driving a single lap of a Grand Prix would be impossible. But for the world's twenty best racing drivers in the series' ten teams, it is a way of life that is extreme in almost every facet.

    Selected by veteran F1 journalist Brad Spurgeon, Formula 1: The Impossible Collection chronicles the milestones that lifted Formula One from a gentlemen's club in 1950 to a global sport with hundreds of millions of fans around the world, third in popularity only to the Olympics and World Cup soccer. Highlighting exceptional technical innovations, remarkable drivers' achievements and exciting race finishes, this volume illuminates immortal names such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Bruce McLaren, Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman, Bernie Ecclestone, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, who recently made history tying Schumacher's championship titles and breaking his record of total career race victories.