• Inspired by her relationship with her own daughter and informed by the numerous parents and teens sheyes'>#8217;s helped in her family workshops, Cherie CarterScott culls the ten truths she's observed about this special role:1. Having a child changes your life.2. Motherhood is an experience unlike any other.3. A mother has many roles.4. If you honor your children's essence, they will blossom.5. Love shows up in many different forms.6. As your child grows, so will you.7. There will be highs and lows.8. Remembering to care for yourself is essential.9. There is no such thing as a perfect mother.10. Motherhood is a process that never ends.Part tribute, part handbook, The Gift of Motherhood exudes CarterScott's vitality and wit, offering moms a way to celebrate the joys and navigate the rough spots along their journey. Though every mother walks her own path and every child is unique, Motherhood shares certain universal truths. This gem of a book acknowledges and affirms that the experience of being a mother is astounding, overwhelming, miraculous, and above all, a gift.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Do you wish you knew the rules for winning at the game of success?
    Contrary to popular belief, success is not just about becoming rich and famous. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., realizes that everyone has their own personal definition of success, whether it be to run a business, raise healthy, happy children, have more spare time, get good grades, or become President of the United States. In If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules, Chérie addresses the issues at the heart of a meaningful and successful life. She helps you define what success means to you, and then tells you in ten simple rules how you can achieve it.
    Chérie learned the rules of success firsthand: she built her management consulting firm to serve top clients around the world, including IBM and GTE. Her books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules, touch hundreds of thousands of readers. And despite a calendar that shuttles her through dozens of time zones annually, she keeps her family close and connected.
    With rules as clear as "Self-trust is essential" and "Your actions affect your outcome," Chérie guides readers step-by-step through all the various challenges on the path to success. From finding your true calling to discovering the riches abundant in day-to-day routines, to recognizing opportunities and managing your resources, If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules is both inspirational and practical. Chérie explains the importance of having a vision but also the importance of setting realistic goals. She provides tools to help you identify your gifts but also tools to help manage your time. She shows you how to believe in yourself but also how to cultivate relationships with others. Success can be a difficult and precarious journey, but once we understand what our goals are and the ways that both advances and setbacks can work for us, we can begin to move closer to what we want, and to grow as individuals.
    Illuminated with motivational and personal stories, and written in Chérie's warm, engaging tone, If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules is the perfect guide for your journey as you seek to fulfill all your dreams.

  • Se lancer dans une relation de couple est aujourd'hui une aventure périlleuse.
    Nombre d'entre nous ont connu des déceptions cruelles, inclinant à penser que le bonheur amoureux n'est pas à notre portée...Mais ne commettons-nous pas des erreurs qui compromettent l'épanouissement de notre amour oeChérie Carter-Scott propose dix règles qui président à la création et au maintien d'une relation authentique et durable.
    Avec ces conseils précieux, tout est mis en oeuvre pour nous permettre de faire basculer notre destin.Un délicieux manuel pour s'engager sans crainte sur la voie du bonheur !

  • If love is a Game what are the rules? Bestselling author Cherie Carter-Scott here provides the 10 rules of love to help us to create the happy, healthy and genuine relationships that we all desire. The 10 rules: You must love yourself first Negotiation will be required Relationships provide opportunities to grow Your relationship will be challenged by change You must nurture the relationship if it is to thrive Creating love is a process Renewal is the key to longevity Communication is essential Partnering is a choice You will also forget all this the moment you fall in love Based on 25 years of conducting healthy relationships workshops on creating, If Love is a Game, These Are the Rules features breakthrough advice, illustrated by heart-warming true stories destined to capture the hearts of women and men around the world.

  • Bestselling author, Cherie Carter-Scott gives vital, real-world advice to help you create the level of personal success that we all desire.
    If Succcess is a Game, These are the Rules outlines Cherie's 10 rules for success. She explains that by putting these rules into action we can set the game of success in motion and create more rewarding and fulfilling lives for ourselves. Featuring breakthrough advice and illustrated by heart-warming true stories, this book is destined to encourage and inspire women and men around the world.

  • Si la vie est un jeu, quelles en sont les règlesoe Comment faire face à tous les défis que la vie nous réserveoeVoici un mode d'emploi simple et positif, qui réunit quelques vérités essentielles pour éclairer le sens de notre vie.Ces règles résument une sagesse universelle que nous avons tendance à ignorer ou à oublier.Grâce à des exemples concrets, Chérie Carter-Scott nous apprend que chacun de nos actes contribue à notre développement personnel, y compris nos erreurs.Une leçon de sagesse pour nous permettre de vivre pleinement notre vie.