• A volume of fourteen stories about loss, friendship, and longing includes the tales of a recently divorced real-estate agent who invades a reticent girlfriend's privacy, a couple that meets over an illicit cigarette, and a widower who struggles to let goof grief.

  • With the first edition of The Hurried Child, David Elkind emerged as the voice of parenting reason, calling our attention to the crippling effects of hurrying our children through life. He showed that by blurring the boundaries of what is age appropriate, by expecting--or imposing--too much too soon, we force our kids to grow up too fast, to mimic adult sophistication while secretly yearning for innocence. In the more than two decades since this book first appeared, new generations of parents have inadvertently stepped up the assault on childhood, in the media, in schools, and at home. In the third edition of this classic (2001), Dr. Elkind provided a detailed, up-to-the-minute look at the Internet, classroom culture, school violence, movies, television, and a growing societal incivility to show parents and teachers where hurrying occurs and why. And as before, he offered parents and teachers insight, advice, and hope for encouraging healthy development while protecting the joy and freedom of childhood. In this twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the book, Dr. Elkind delivers important new commentary to put a quarter century of trends and change into perspective for parents today.

  • Anglais Parenting on the Go

    David Elkind

    Essential parenting advice from one of today's leading psychologists, at your fingertipsWhat is the most treasured resource for families with young children? Time. Between keeping house, shopping, doing chores, and getting everyone to work and school let alone fitting in family meals, fun activities, and much-needed downtime being a parent can require major feats of scheduling. While parents don't always have hours to pore over parenting books, they could use short, to-the-point advice on the challenges they confront every day.Now, for today's busy families, child-development expert and bestselling author David Elkind offers Parenting on the Go: an authoritative, accessible guide for parents of infants and young children. Elkind has long been praised for his timely, resonant responses to key child-rearing issues. Here, with characteristic insight and comforting sensibility, he offers practical answers to more than 100 common parenting questions, on topics from A to Z, including:Attention Deficit DisordersBack-to-School BluesChild-Proofing the ComputerEmpathy in ChildrenHomeworkManners and MoralsOnly ChildrenSibling RivalryTime-Outsand much more.Praise for David Elkind"The Power of Play should be considered one of the primers for good parenting." Chicago Parent"[O]ffers excellent perspectives on children, parents, and culture . . . this powerful book is essential reading." Library Journal on The Hurried Child"Elkind . . . is a child-study specialist of eminent common sense . . . whom parents would do well to heed." Publishers Weekly

  • Anglais The Power of Play

    David Elkind

    Today's parents often worry that their children will be at a disadvantage if they are not engaged in constant learning, but child development expert David Elkind reassures us that imaginative play goes far to prepare children for academic and social success. Through expert analysis of the research and powerful examples, Elkind shows how creative, spontaneous play fosters healthy mental and social development and sets the stage for academic learning in the first place. An important contribution to the literature about how children learn, The Power of Play restores play's respected place in children's lives and encourages parents to trust their instincts to stay away from many of the dubious educational products on the market.

  • Les services secrets israéliens sont considérés comme les meilleurs du monde. Mais cette réputation est-elle justifiée ? Comment fonctionnent-ils ? Comment leurs opérateurs sont-ils formés ? Quels ont été leurs succès et leurs échecs ?
    Spécialistes du renseignement et du Proche-Orient, Éric Denécé et David Elkaïm lèvent le voile sur la communauté israélienne du renseignement dans son ensemble : Shin Beth (sécurité intérieure), Aman (renseignement militaire), Mossad (renseignement extérieur) et autres sayerot (forces spéciales de Tsahal). Ils passent au crible leur organisation, les différentes actions qu'ils ont menées, leurs relations avec le monde politique, mais aussi leurs échecs, et livrent dans une « encyclopédie inédite » le secret d'organismes et d'opérations évoqués ici pour la première fois.

  • Les victoires d'Israël ont contraint ses voisins à accepter son existence. Malgré la supériorité de Tsahal, l'omniprésence des menaces a marqué la stratégie militaire et les relations diplomatiques mais aussi la société et les institutions israéliennes.
    En 1948, c'est une guerre qui donne vie au rêve sioniste de reconstitution d'un foyer national juif. Après l'opération de Suez (1956), Israël écrase en 1967 les armées arabes coalisées et prend le contrôle du Sinaï, de Gaza, de la Cisjordanie et du Golan.
    La revanche d'Anouar el-Sadate en 1973 lance le processus de normalisation mais, en 1982, Israël choisit de faire la guerre au Liban pour étouffer le nationalisme palestinien. En 2006, Israël y affronte le Hezbollah, qu'il a renforcé en occupant le sud du pays pendant dix-huit ans.
    Israël fait aujourd'hui face à une autre menace, l'occupation de la Cisjordanie, incompatible avec la solution à deux États.