• Today, 1 in 5 women in the United States has her first child after age 35. When a woman becomes pregnant in her late thirties or forties, she has different needs than a younger mother-to-be. Now, after more than ten years, Your Pregnancy after 35 has been fully revised with cutting-edge information, addressing nearly every health and lifestyle concern pertaining to “older" mothers. From how age affects pregnancy to when to consider genetic counseling to finding the best care when returning to work, this essential guide offers mothers--and their partners--the wise, supportive answers they need.With millions of copies sold worldwide, the highly trusted Your Pregnancy series has established itself as the go-to resource for expectant parents time and time again. Medically grounded, this informative, reassuring guide gives older expectant parents the information they need to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

  • The original week-by-week pregnancy guide tells parents-to-be what to expect and offers authoritative advice on having a healthy pregnancy
    For over 25 years, Your Pregnancy Week by Week has helped millions of parents-to-be prepare for one of the most exciting times in their lives. Now in its eighth edition, this go-to guide has been updated to cover the most recent information, from trends and safety recommendations to medical concerns.
    Doctors recommend it, pregnant couples rely on it, and you and your partner will find it indispensable. With its signature format, you can follow your baby's development based on the same weekly schedule your doctor uses. You will also find the latest information on preparing for their baby's birth while addressing today's most pressing questions and concerns, including:
    Detailed descriptions and illustrations of baby's developmentThe most up-to-date information on medical tests and proceduresTips on nutrition, your overall health and how it affects your growing babySafe and easy weekly exercises to help you stay in shapeCovering a wide range of new topics such as elective delivery, Chinese gender chart, electronic cigarettes, nonalcoholic beer and wine, pregorexia, salt-therapy spas, belly bands before and after pregnancy, and men preparing for pregnancy, Your Pregnancy Week by Week makes sure you and your partner will have all you need to know at your fingertips.

  • @90@Let the trusted authors of @18@Your Pregnancy@95@trade; Week by Week@19@@95@mdash;the book you relied on while you were pregnant@95@mdash;guide you through baby@12@s remarkable, sometimes mind-boggling first year. With easy-to-understand information at your fingertips, you@12@ll know what to look for and understand what@12@s happening. This book will provide you with the skills necessary to support and encourage baby@12@s growth.@87@@16@ Thoroughly revised and updated, @18@Your Baby@12@s First Year@95@trade; Week by Week@19@ includes the latest pediatric guidelines and recommendations, plus more than 50 new topics@95@mdash;everything from food allergies to cord-blood banking. It also features the essential milestones of baby@12@s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development on a weekly basis. Valuable information includes:@91@@4@@6@@20@Common medical problems@21@: what to look for and when to call baby@12@s pediatrician@7@@6@@20@Bonding with baby@21@: from baby massage to talking, what you can do to create a meaningful connection@7@@6@@20@Feeding baby@21@: breast milk or formula? and introducing solids@7@@6@@20@Sleeping habits@21@: how to improve the situation for the entire family@7@@6@@20@Vaccination guidelines@21@: learn about the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)@7@@6@@20@Playing with baby@21@: how to help develop baby@12@s cognitive, social and motor skills through play and with toys, many of them homemade@7@@6@@20@Baby gear@21@: the latest on carriers, high chairs, swings, cribs, clothing, diapers and everything else you may need@7@@5@

  • Explanations of the special tests for mother and babies throughout pregnancyInformation on the nutritional needs and target weight gain for mothers expecting more ?than one childFrom birth presentation to monitoring during labor, what may happen during childbirthCesarean-section the factsInformation about premature birth and how you can protect yourselfSuggestions for coping with pregnancy discomfortsAdvice if you're an older mother-to-be or working woman

  • By the best-selling authors of the Your Pregnancy series, medically sound and succinct information for the woman who needs detailed information on a specific concern --The facts about the frequency of sickle-cell disease, multiples, Tay-Sachs, thalassemia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hypertension during pregnancy in women of color -- Explanations of how these conditions are tested for, diagnosed, and monitored throughout pregnancy -- Information on premature birth and how you can protect yourself --Suggestions for staying healthy throughout pregnancy, including detailed information on diet and exercise.

  • Pregnancy can be a thrilling adventure for a couple. Although most attention is directed toward the mom-to-be, the nine months of pregnancy are an exciting, moving and, yes, occasionally stressful! time for the expectant father as well. Written with the needs and concerns of the dad-to-be in mind, this book includes a comprehensive glossary of terms, a resource section, up-to-date medical information, and tips for supporting your partner during pregnancy and the birth of your new baby. It will also help you be the best father you can be by covering such topics as:• The tests and procedures your partner may undergo
    • The impact of pregnancy on your relationship and how to handle it
    • Ways to evaluate the expenses of having a baby
    • How to be a great labor coach

  • La guia medica del embarazo mas completa, actualizada y confiable, completamente revisada y puesta al dia!
    Su embarazo semana a semana es la guia sobre el embarazo mas completa a su disposicion. Los medicos la recomendan, las parejas que esperan un bebe confian en ella, y usted y su pareja la encontraran indispensable.
    Con este formato de semana a semana, usted podra seguir los cambios de su bebe y comparar los detalles de su embarazo segun el mismo calendario semanal que emplea sy medico. Autorizada y facil de usar a la vez, esa edicion recientemente corregida--la primera en ocho an~os--cubre la informacion mas reciente, desde las tendencias y recomendaciones de seguridad hasta las inquietudes medicas, asi como tambien:
    Description detallada del desarrollo del bebe cada semana
    La mas reciente informacion sobre examenes y procedimientos medicos
    Consejos sobre nutricion, su salus y como lo que usted hace afecta el desarrollo de su bebe
    Ejercicios semanales seguros para ayudarla a mantenerse en forma
    En esta version actualizada se incluyen muchos temas nuevos, tales como el tratamiento sin medicamentos para diversos malestares del embarazo, las vacaciones antes del nacimiento del bebe, la preparacion del cuarto del bebe, consideraciones ecologicas durante el embarazo, las pautas mas recientes sobre el aumento de peso, datos sobre los bancos de sangre de cordon umbilical y mucho mas....
    Since its publication nearly twenty-five years ago, Your Pregnancy Week by Week has sold millions of copies and become the go-to guide for expectant parents. Now, the fully revised and expanded seventh edition is available in Spanish. In Su Embarazo Semana a Semana parents-to-be will find the latest information to prepare for their baby's birth including more than fifty new or updated topics addressing today's most pressing questions and concerns. Compassionate, reassuring, and medically grounded, this guide provides everything expectant parents need to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy, including descriptions of the fetus's development each week, up-to-date information about medical tests and procedures, healthy weight guidelines, safe weekly exercises for expectant moms, and helpful hints for the father-to-be.