A ladder to the sky

A ladder to the sky

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A deliciously dark tale of ambition, seduction and literary theft . . . an ingeniously conceived novel that confirms Boyne as one of the most assured writers of his generation.' Hannah Beckerman, Observer * You've heard the old proverb about ambition, that it's like setting a ladder to the sky. It can lead to a long and painful fall.

If you look hard enough, you will find stories pretty much anywhere. They don't even have to be your own. Or so would-be-novelist Maurice Swift decides early on in his career.

A chance encounter in a Berlin hotel with celebrated author Erich Ackerman gives Maurice an opportunity. For Erich is lonely, and he has a story to tell; whether or not he should is another matter.

Once Maurice has made his name, he finds himself in need of a fresh idea. He doesn't care where he finds it, as long as it helps him rise to the top. Stories will make him famous, but they will also make him beg, borrow and steal. They may even make him do worse.

This is a novel about ambition.

* 'Maurice Swift, the novelist protagonist of John Boyne's A Ladder to the Sky, is a bookish version of Patricia Highsmith's psychopathic antihero Tom Ripley' The Times 'A dark morality tale in the mould of Patricia Highsmith . . . consistently intriguing' Daily Mail

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John Boyne

  • Pays : Irlande
  • Langue : Anglais (irlande)

John Boyne est né à Dublin en Irlande, en 1971. Après des études de littérature, il suit le cours d'écriture de l'université d'East Anglia, où il enseignera plus tard. Vers l'âge de vingt ans, il commence à écrire des nouvelles, dont certaines paraissent dans la presse, notamment dans le Sunday Tribune. Le Garçon en pyjama rayé est son quatrième roman et son premier ouvrage destiné à la jeunesse. Cependant, cette fiction poignante a su interpeller les lecteurs de tous âges. Traduit en dix-sept langues et nominé pour plusieurs récompenses littéraires à travers le monde, le livre fait actuellement l'objet d'une adaptation au cinéma.